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HomeWorldEXCLUSIVE BENGALI SERIES: ক্র্য স্তে স্তে সুক্তা স্ত্র্ত্র্ত্যান্তা, Bangla Bar Elelen Ee...
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EXCLUSIVE BENGALI SERIES: ক্র্য স্তে স্তে সুক্তা স্ত্র্ত্র্ত্যান্তা, Bangla Bar Elelen Ee Bangla Abhinay | Why did Bengali actor Rahul Dev Bose decide to quit the series and what are his goals? MPNRC News

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Rahul Dev Bose: Mumbai to push himself further as a good actor. .

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Rahul Dev Basu.

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Sneha Sengupta

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acting young Bright, gentle appearance. One by one – marked by a Bengali friend. He has been cast in the role of Gete Bandha in our day. He is one of the supporting characters of the cast, to see the main character of the broadcast. His hero role was brought in with a light villain touch. He is well-known as a good actor, good quality, the makers want to make a movie with him. In Rahul Dev Basu’s fortune, he will appear in the front. But this is not a big task for Rahul. It would be wrong to say no. is But they don’t. Ekda played the lead role in the upcoming Bengali film ‘Nawab Nandini’ in a cameo role. But seeing Purostu in Bengali can’t do anything to him. His goal is different. Prashi Dal wants to give him a better performance in Mumbai. .

What is the work to see?

Rahul: I am not working in Bengal now. Has a cameo in ‘Nawab Nandini’.

what is that You are doing a cameo… and why did you enter Audrey Bangla?

Rahul: There’s a lot. I want to do another kind of work. I continued to improve myself as an artist. Same for the rest.


Rahul: Go to Mumbai. The goal is to work for now. Thoughts can be tallied, repeated.

Offer suggestions?

Rahul: Because I was working in a Bengali language, I could not do the job. Kajal Aggarwal had a photo offer. I could not do the work, so I suppressed my pain for a while. Then I bought it, it doesn’t understand. Let me decide one. Do not miss work. So I moved away.

Are you also in Bengali film ‘Ai Khuku Ai’?

Rahul: This is yours. There too I was treated as a naughty boy.

Repeatedly makes you act as a naughty boy…

Rahul: Vikram Chatterjee and Sholanki Roy’s hottest ‘Teo Kaaz’ in town. The boy is also a good character.

Are you a student of Damini Beni Basu?

Rahul: That is my class near the altar. That customer. I am definitely an example of our generation. He is doing me.

People say, actors are not stopped, problem… You are also working, means there is no problem?

Rahul: Important question. The reality is that I deposited a lot of money to start. Don’t go the opposite way. I don’t value vice versa. I have a definite aim in life. It happens in that direction. Don’t bring uncertainty by spending badly. I have that saved money… so I am at peace.

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