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HomeWorldLate director Rituparno Ghosh offered Paoli Dam the role of Satyabati MPNRC...
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Late director Rituparno Ghosh offered Paoli Dam the role of Satyabati MPNRC News

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Once upon a time, Pauli Dam’s byomkesh hope of announcing menstruation was true. It was not filmed then. This is the first time in the film Byomkesh. ‘Byomkesh Tatt’ Shampali Toy heard his talk.

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Apart from the cameo role in ‘Abhiyaan’, he returned after two years to release the film in Bengali. 11th August ‘Byomkesh Hatyamanch’ (Byomkesh Hatyamanch) number, number?
very good We want the film to be released on a large scale, people to see it, Muslims. There was a two-year gap in between. I didn’t have any unreleased films at that time. In the last two years, some films have been released, but it is not what people see. There may be desire. Now the matter came to the right place. Participating. In that case it is good for film release. In the last two years, given the opportunity to get into OTT, Gun Consciously concentrated on OTT. After the table phase, again some Bengali films.

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A ‘Byomkesh Hatyamancha’. Anyata Kaushik Gangopadhyay’s ‘Palan’. Past Indrani Chakraborty’s ‘Chaad’ and before that ‘Biryani’ in Arjun Dutt’s Alogy.

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For the first time in a Byomkesh film, surely it matters?
Eyes off course. My first big screen release after Padmika. I am very particular about Arindamdar (Sheel) my first work. Many times the film has been discussed with Arindamdar. His first film was talked about from the time of ‘Awart’ but was never made.

how did it happen
This is very good Tim. The script was very good. Then there are Byomkesh Abir, Sohini, Suhotra, Kinjal, Arn all. All in all it was like me.

Paoli-1 A

You played Sulochana in ‘Byomkesh Tham’. important role. This film is based on the unfinished story of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Bishupal Badh’. your character ok?
I love doing this character. That’s why the film was made. ‘Sulochana’ is primarily a play. From a small character to a famous theater personality. He has hit a lot of drama. He is a big name in Bengali commercial theatre. This style of character.

[আরও পড়ুন: চিনের চলচ্চিত্র উৎসবে বিশেষ সম্মান পেল ‘অপরাজিত’, কী প্রতিক্রিয়া নায়ক জিতুর?]

Bengali film release after this August. ‘Dharmajudda’ released again. Like the click picture release industry, it should be video again. How hopeful are you there?
I’m optimistic. I think more Bengali films should come. This is how many Hindi releases are being released, then there are problems with the Bengali question. Ditata Bangla film is a good show, I want to know. Good luck, I want all the pictures, identification. It is possible to view the pictures in the audience hall. In very difficult times. And byomkesh people like to see.

When you took Byomkesh in the film Arindam Sheel, do you want to be honest?
When I did ‘Kalbela’, ‘Sab Khairit Kalpanik’, I was supposed to do Ritudar Byomkesh. Bumbadar is supposed to do Byomkesh, and I am Satyavati. It didn’t happen later though. Then Anjanada Byomkesh starts saying, Rituda will not do the same franchise again. But so far I have done various important works, I have done various works as a female protagonist, then now I have no regrets about Satyavati Nabiswam. Byomkesh is all about Byomkesh. Surely Satwati is an iconic character. And here Sulochana character, image is significant, the image will be understood. And sohinike sat let’s not dilute dut.


Share screen with Abir after a long time.
We are long time friends. Worked a lot. But as a practice and the goal, the first task is correct. Very good party Abir Bokesh. Byomkesh-Solochan’s chemistry and other character’s chemistry with Byomkesh is good. And this is a Byomkesh-film, but not a travelogue type like a local. It is not a chamber drama, but a story about relationships. To see individual peacocks, internesting, striking. Because the combination of cinema and theater performance: here (laughs).

New job?
Bangla-Hindi Maliki is there, sahamto bal (laughs).

Paoli Abeer

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘রক্ষাবন্ধন’ ছবির প্রচারে কেঁদে ভাসালেন অক্ষয় কুমার! ব্যাপারটা কী?]

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